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Lee el siguiente texto y escribe después un texto argumentativo:
A ‘for and against’ essay
1.- Read the essay ignoring the gaps. Does the author agree or disagree with the statement?

“A holiday should be a culturally enriching experience, not two weeks lying on the beach.” Discuss.

A holiday should be a culturally enriching experience, not two weeks lying on the beach. It should be an opportunity to have different cultural experiences, to travel to different places around the globe and learn about their history, art and traditions.

(1) __________ people believe that beach holidays are the best option when they have a few weeks off from work or study. (2) __________, the economy of many countries (including Spain) depends heavily on beach tourism. Lying on a beach for days on end is considered by many to be the best way to forget about the pressures of work. Beach holidays can be relatively cheap, too. You don’t have to pay admission into museums or theatres.

(3) __________ it is true that we need to relax when we are on holiday; it is also true that visiting museums, going to art galleries and travelling to see the wonders of the world are an equally good way to de-stress. (4) __________ is more, holidays with a more cultural focus enrich our lives and teach us how to be more tolerant to people from other cultures. Furthermore, while this kind of holiday is usually perceived as being more expensive, some beach holidays to exotic resorts can cost a fortune.

I believe that a cultural holiday is a far better option than a beach holiday. I have learnt far more from visiting museums and monuments around the world than from lying in the sun. I can relax at home and sunbathe in my garden so when I have a few weeks off I would prefer to broaden my mind and have new experiences.

(5) __________ the one hand beach holidays are a good way to relax and can usually be quite cheap. They are also an important part of our economy. Cultural holidays, on the other hand, sometimes cost more but the experiences you have are worth the extra money you spend. I think that this kind of holiday is a much better option.

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