martes, 24 de noviembre de 2015


1.     Answer the questions about the song.
a.     What's her name?
b.    Where does she live?
c.     Who is she talking to?

d.    Is she a good neighbor? Why or why not?
2.     How do you say the following words or phrases in your language?

a.     upstairs - ________________________

b.    trouble - ________________________

c.     fight - ________________________

d.    clumsy - ________________________

e.     loud - ________________________

f.     crazy - ________________________

g.    proud - ________________________

h.     argue - ________________________

i.      argue - ________________________

j.      anymore - ________________________

k.     not your business - _________________
             I.    anyway - ______________________

    3. Answer the questions with true information about you.

a.     What's your name?

b.    Where are you from?

c.     What do you do?

d.    Where do you live?

e.     Do you live in a house or in an apartment?

f.     What floor do you live on? (If apartment)

g.    Do you have a lot of neighbors?

h.     Do you talk to your neighbors? If you don't, why not?

i.      Do your neighbors make a lot of noise?

j.      Are you the noisy neighbor?

k.     Do your neighbors complain about your noise?

l.      Do you ever complain about your neighbors' noise?


4.     Now work with a partner. Ask and answer the questions above.

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